Mussini Artist's Resin Oil Colours Translucent Asphaltum Hue, 35 ml

Mussini Artist's Resin Oil Colours Translucent Asphaltum Hue, 35 ml

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Colour No. 645; highest lightfastness

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For highest demands: The artist’s natural resin-oil-colours which are unique throughout the world - made by Schmincke.

101 colours of high brilliance and purity. With the highest possible light fastness, balanced drying process, spontaneous and lasting colour layers. Made from the best artists pigments, binders and compositions from high quality linseed, poppy and sunflower oils with variable proportions of high grade Dammar resin solution.

Mussini® artists' resin-oil colours are based on unique, 100 year old recipes, which are continually improved through the results of detailed modern research.

What distinguishes the unique MUSSINI® natural resin-oil colours from the best and finest "pure" (resin-free) artists' colours, such as NORMA® Professional or other comparable fine artists' oil colours?
MUSSINI® dries more evenly on the inside and the outside, as a result of the largely self-compensating chemical and physical drying process: The increase in volume resulting from the chemical drying process which begins on the surface, via oxygen uptake, is largely compensated for by the solvent content in the dammar solution which evaporates from inside. Microscopic evaporation pores enable oxygen to penetrate more effectively, thus providing for more even drying of both the surface and inner layers. This, in turn, reduces the danger of wrinkling and surface tension during drying. The dammar fractions, finely incorporated in the colloidal solutions, are enclosed by the drying oils and enhance the brilliance of the colour layers.

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