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Soft Particle Blasting @ FUTURE TALKS 017.

Soft Particle Blasting @ FUTURE TALKS 017.
13. Oktober 2017

Deffner & Johann präsentiert einen Workshop zu Soft Particle Cleaning im Rahmen der 5. FUTURE TALKS Konferenz.


Maren Dümmler und Daniela Jaček stellen das Verfahren, unterschiedliche Strahlmittel sowie die jüngsten Arbeits- und Forschungsergebnisse zur Reinigung von Kunststoffen vor.


»With the soft particle blasting paper, parchment, seal, wood, varnish, metal, glass, and other kind of materials can be cleaned more thoroughly and gently than with common methods. With sponges, erasers and microfibers cloths you either dull the surface as a reaction of scratches or you are at risk of polishing it. Besides, you rub parts of the dirt between fibers and small pore which means you haven’t clean your object entirely. Especially for filigree, fragile and brittle objects and materials the soft particle blasting is very suitable. In the various divisions of restoration and conservation this technique has been established. On plastic objects this method wasn’t already proved. Following the pop art project, soft particle blasting was applied on various plastics. The workshop will give you a short introduction in the technique and background, an overview over possibilities that are already well known in conservation and presents the first results with synthetic materials. In addition, the participants can try the technique on different materials.«


Saturday, OctoberDeffner und Johann praesentiert_Workshop soft particle cleaning future talks 17_2 14
9:00 – 11:00 Workshop 1
12:00 – 14:00 Workshop II
Soft particle blasting A new method for gentle dry cleaning Instructors: Maren Dümmler M.A. / Daniela Jaček (Dipl. Rest.)
Location: Conservation Department_Studio II. Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

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